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•Ageing by itself is not a cause of major problems till the nineties. The problems that occur in everyone are due to: 
•Disease, the majority of which is preventable 
•Pessimistic and negative beliefs and attitudes and
•Loss of fitness – physical, emotional and cognitive 

The First Aim:

Is to increase people’s activity – that includes physical, cognitive and emotional.

This will:

•Help people feel and function better, and reduce the risk of a fall
•Prevent or delay the onset of dementia, disability and frailty
•Help to recover the ability lost during lockdown and regain the level of ability one had ten years ago.

The Second Aim:

Is to increase a person’s healthspan’ rather than focusing on someone’s “lifespan”, in doing so compressing the period of dependency.

The Third Aim:

Is to reduce the need for health and social care because a person who increases their strength, stamina, skill and suppleness is less likely to fall and more able to regain the ability to, for example, to dress themselves or get to the toilet without help or complete daily tasks and do things they enjoy.

The Live Longer Better offer

•It is a national programme encouraging people to stay active in their communities
•We can access training for you and your teams to build their knowledge and share useful tools and content to have conversations with older people about their emotional and physical wellbeing.
•We can support you to become Live Longer Better champions in your communities.
•You can refer older people you are working with to take part in an active and creative training package with activities to engage with that is transforming lives.


For more details, contact Jess Slade by phoning 07772 023170 or emailing jessslade@torbaycdt.org.uk

You can also visit the Live Longer Better website for full details on the national scheme: https://www.livelongerbetter.uk/