Get involved

How can I get involved?

Town Assembly Member:

  • Have your voice heard
  • Share local concerns, needs, suggestions and solutions
  • Use your knowledge and experience to improve current services

Become a Local Over 50’s Assembly Representative:

  • Help organise and lead local meetings
  • Present assembly members’ priorities and findings to the Assembly Action Group
  • Feedback to the assembly members on actions and opportunities to get involved
  • Ensure all over 50’s involved have clear communication

Become an Assembly Action Group Member:

  • Influence and steer decisions regarding services, strategies and policies concerning people over 50
  • Hear people’s views, thoughts, ideas and issues, then create solutions or further investigate with our statutory, voluntary and business partners
  • Be inclusive and represent all older people and their diverse needs and views

Torbay’s Age Positive Charter

  • The development of the Charter with people over 50 demonstrates a genuine commitment from Public Health, Torbay Council and our Integrated Care Organisation to supporting and valuing the Torbay Assembly, giving it power to engage in decision making
  • The Charter includes aspirations for all voluntary, statutory and businesses to have a role in making Torbay a place to Age Positively. Signing the charter demonstrates specific commitments and integral values


How will it make a difference?

We will have a louder voice as the assembly, and we can add it to other voices like Healthwatch or local Community Partnerships.

We have the support of the local council and statutory agencies – we have a seat on the Health & Wellbeing Board and others are following.

Where has this idea come from?

It is part of Ageing Well Torbay’s work. People over 50 said they wanted to use their skills and knowledge to be more involved in decisions about services. The assembly will be an Ageing Well legacy, continuing after the programme ends.

Who has been working on this?

A group of local people over 50, with some members of the Ageing Well team. There is still a lot to do, it is a work in progress.

Who is paying for all this?

Ageing Well has set aside funding to pay for the forums and Assembly to meet, such as venue & refreshment costs, and also to cover admin and publicity costs.

If you are interested in joining the Torbay Assembly, contact Jess Slade by phoning 01803 212638, or by emailing

If you want to apply for an Action Group member or Town Representative role, please download the following two documents, fill in the application and return to Jess Slade by either email ( or post to:

Jess Slade,
Torbay Community Development Trust,
4-8 Temperance Street,
Torquay, TQ2 5PU

Action group and Town Rep role description download

Action Group/Town Rep application download